Turkey Gravy Nutrition Facts

Calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrate values for Turkey Gravy.


There are 121 calories in Turkey Gravy.


Nutrition Facts
Turkey Gravy
Serving Size:


cup (238 grams)

Amount Per Serving
Calories from Fat 45
Calories 121

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 5 grams

Saturated Fat 1.5 grams

Polyunsaturated Fat 1.2 grams
Monounsaturated Fat 2.1 grams

Cholesterol 4.8 milligrams

Sodium 1373 milligrams

Potassium 259 milligrams

Total Carbohydrates 12 grams

Dietary Fiber 0.9 grams

Sugars 0.5 grams
Protein 6.2 grams

Vitamin A


Vitamin C





Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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How long would it take to burn off 120 KCal?
Walking (3mph) 33 minutes
Running (6mph) 12 minutes
Bicycling (10mph) 17 minutes
Values estimated based on person weighing 140 lbs.

What is turkey gravy made of?

Pan drippings from Easy Thanksgiving Turkey. 1/4 cup unsalted butter. 1/4 cup all-purpose flour. 2 teaspoons chopped fresh thyme.

What is in Turkey Gravy Mix?

Enriched Wheat Flour ( Flour, Niacin, Iron, Thiamine Monointrate, Riboflavin, Floic Acid), Wheat Starch, Whey (Milk), Salt, Chicken Fat, Turkey Powder, Onion, Torula, Yeast, Caramel Color, Disodium Inosinate and Guanylate (Flavor Enhancers), Spices (Including Celery Seed), Extractives of Rosemary, Extractives of …

What is the difference between brown and turkey gravy?

White gravy is made with fat and flour along with milk. Brown gravy is made with meat drippings and cornstarch. Gravy from the turkey drippings is brown, generally speaking. If you need instructions on how to cook a whole chicken, turkey, or duck, check this out.

Does Turkey Gravy have meat?

Ingredients. Turkey Stock, Modified Corn Starch, Potato Starch, Salt, Rice Flour, Turkey, Yeast Extract, Natural Flavor, Chicken Stock, Onion Powder, Cooked Vegetable Stock (Celery, Carrot, Onion), Chicken Fat & Spices (Including Thyme, Sage, Black Pepper).

How do you make turkey gravy without a turkey?

Basic Gravy

  1. In a saute pan or saucepan over medium heat, melt butter.
  2. Whisk in flour and pepper until no lumps remain. Cook for one minute.
  3. Slowly add broth to pan, whisking continuously. …
  4. Remove pan from heat and season with salt to taste.

Can you use chicken gravy with turkey?

This Chicken Gravy recipe can be made in less than 10 minutes with or without pan drippings and tastes 1000X better than the packaged stuff. It is fabulous on turkey too! Chicken Gravy makes everything better! This recipe is luxuriously smooth, savory, garlicky, laced with herbs and elevated with my secret ingredient.

Is turkey gravy brown gravy?

Both brown and white gravy are made with meat drippings (in this case, turkey), but while broth or stock makes up the bulk of brown gravy, milk (or cream) makes up the bulk of white gravy. Because of this, white gravy is typically much heavier and richer than brown gravy.

What is white gravy in America?

Southern style white gravy is much thicker, is usually made from pan drippings or lard instead of butter, never uses onions or nutmeg, and always uses cracked black pepper. It’s even called pepper gravy in some places.

Why is it called gravy?

The term “gravy” first appears in Middle English as gravĂ© and is presumed to derive from French, since the word may be found in numerous medieval French cookbooks. The original medieval meaning was precise: the gravĂ© consisted of the natural cooking juices that flowed from roasting meat.

What is gravy made out of?

At its most basic, gravy is a thickened sauce made of meat drippings + stock + seasonings. What does the flour do? Gravy starts off with a classic roux: equal parts fat (in this case butter) and flour are cooked in a skillet until it becomes golden and bubbly. This creates a base for your sauce’s texture.

What is meat gravy made of?

Gravy: Gravy is a sauce made from meat juices, usually combined with a liquid such as chicken or beef broth, wine or milk and thickened with flour, cornstarch, or some other thickening agent. A gravy may also be the simple juices left in the pan after the meat, poultry, or fish has been cooked.

How do you make homemade turkey gravy taste?

Add enough broth to the drippings to measure 3 cups. In a large saucepan, whisk flour, 3/4 cup broth and reserved fat until smooth. Add thyme, sage and pepper; gradually whisk in the drippings mixture. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly; cook and stir for 2-3 minutes or until thickened.