Summer Shandy Nutrition Facts

Calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrate values for Summer Shandy.


There are 127 calories in Summer Shandy.


Nutrition Facts
Summer Shandy
Serving Size:


bottle (12 fl oz) (359 grams)

Amount Per Serving
Calories from Fat 0.2
Calories 127

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 0 grams

Saturated Fat 0 grams

Trans Fat 0 grams
Polyunsaturated Fat 0 grams
Monounsaturated Fat 0 grams

Cholesterol 0 milligrams

Sodium 14 milligrams

Potassium 73 milligrams

Total Carbohydrates 15 grams

Dietary Fiber 0 grams

Sugars 6.2 grams
Protein 1.1 grams

Vitamin A


Vitamin C





Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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How long would it take to burn off 130 KCal?
Walking (3mph) 34 minutes
Running (6mph) 12 minutes
Bicycling (10mph) 18 minutes
Values estimated based on person weighing 140 lbs.

Is Summer Shandy an ale or lager?

Product description. Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy Beer is a traditional Weiss beer with refreshing natural lemonade flavor. Delicious and refreshing, this lager beer has 4.2% ABV. Full of natural fruit and zesty lemon flavors, this wheat beer contains a light, crisp taste that’s perfect for cooling off on a hot day.

Does Summer Shandy taste like beer?

Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy is one of the most readily available shandies on the market. Released from March through August each year, Summer Shandy has quickly become a favorite among American drinkers seeking a lighter, fruity summertime beer. It is an American-style wheat beer with ‘natural lemonade flavor.

What is in Summer Shandy beer?

What is this? Typically a traditional British shandy is equal parts beer and lemon soda, lemon lime soda or sparkling lemonade. For our summer shandy, we’ve chosen to use homemade sparkling lemonade, which makes an intensely refreshing beverage!

What kind of beer is shandy?

What is a shandy? A shandy is a European beer cocktail, invented in Britain in the mid-1800’s. The original name was shandygaff, which refers to a beer mixed with ginger beer or ginger ale. Today it’s very popular in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Canada, and is sometimes known as the French name Panach├ę.

Is Summer Shandy a domestic beer?

The crisp flavor of weiss beer is complemented by the natural flavor of lemonade. With its refreshing natural lemonade flavor, our weiss beer, Summer Shandy®, is the perfect beer to drink during the summer months.
Is Modelo Beer Imported Or Domestic?

Type Public
Products Beer

Is shandy a beer?

The definition of a shandy is beer mixed with lemonade and/or other fruit juices like orange juice, cider, apple juice, and grapefruit juice.

What alcohol percentage is Summer Shandy?



What is the beer that tastes like fruity Pebbles?

Why hello, it’s Berry Weiss to see you! Taste: So this is the beer that tastes like fruity pebbles. If you want to impress girls at the party with a cool and delicious trick, tell them you have a beer that tastes just like Fruitty Pebbles and then hand them a Berry Weiss.

What beer is best for shandy?

Wheat beer and light lagers create the best shandy and are preferred. Pilsner is always a favorite shandy base as well. If you love a hoppy IPA, it is fine to use a lighter one with a shandy, but you will probably not use a dark beer or stout. Just as the quality of the beer is important, so is the quality of lemonade.

Is Summer Shandy an IPA?

The IPA has been firmly entrenched as the most popular style of craft beer for several years. Driven by the success of Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy brand, the shandy, which typically mixes beer and lemonade, has also gained a prominent spot in the beer drinker’s summer rotation.

What is similar to a Summer Shandy?

While stalwarts like Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy and Samuel Adams Porch Rocker tend to define the category, there are many new contenders worth trying.

  • Del’s Shandy, Narragansett Beer. …
  • Roadie Grapefruit Radler, Great Divide Brewing. …
  • Ginger Lemon Radler, Boulevard Brewing. …
  • C.A.L.M. Radler, Goose Island Beer Co.

What kind of beer is toasted Bock?


Department Beer
Type Lager
Varietal Bock