RedPepperFlakes Nutrition Facts

Calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrate values for RedPepperFlakes.


There are 5.7 calories in RedPepperFlakes.


Nutrition Facts
Red Pepper Flakes
Serving Size:


tsp (1.8 grams)

Amount Per Serving
Calories from Fat 2.8
Calories 5.7

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 0.3 grams

Saturated Fat 0.1 grams

Polyunsaturated Fat 0.1 grams
Monounsaturated Fat 0.1 grams

Cholesterol 0 milligrams

Sodium 0.5 milligrams

Potassium 36 milligrams

Total Carbohydrates 1 grams

Dietary Fiber 0.5 grams

Sugars 0.2 grams
Protein 0.2 grams

Vitamin A


Vitamin C





Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

What is a substitute for red pepper flakes?

Substitute For Crushed Red Pepper Flakes

OR – 1/2 teaspoon Cayenne powder per 3/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes. This is the option you’re most likely to have in your spice drawer. OR – 1 use one small red chile (such as a Thai chile) per 3/4 teaspoon flakes. OR – Use 1/2 teaspoon chile powder per 3/4 teaspoon flakes.

Are red pepper flakes the same as chili flakes?

Take note that: Chili flakes are made from only one pepper type- chilies, while red pepper flakes are made from a mixture of peppers. Chili flakes are hot, but in comparison, red pepper flakes are hotter.

What is red pepper flakes made of?

Chili flakes, red pepper flakes, and crushed red pepper flakes all refer to the same type of product: a condiment/spice that is made up of dried and crushed whole peppers (seeds and all).

What is red pepper flakes in Australia?

It means chilli flakes, normally the Italian variety, but the standard Masterfoods chilli flakes you get from Woolies or Coles are the right thing.

Are red pepper flakes paprika?

Paprika is the name generally given to any red pepper powder. The most common paprika chilies are very fruity, fleshy, and can vary wildly in terms of heat level. These Spanish paprika flakes are made with the finest paprika chile, which are dried before being ground, not into powder, but into flakes.

Can I use black pepper instead of red pepper flakes?

You can’t use black pepper as a 1:1 substitute for capsaicin since it won’t make your food as hot as red pepper will. Too much black pepper is also likely to result in a bitter taste. You can use a little of it to provide gentle heat in a recipe that requires a hint of red pepper.

Is chili powder and ground red pepper the same?

Ground paprika is produced by grinding numerous peppers and can have a flavor ranging from sweet to fiery. Ground red pepper and red chili powder are both generic spice names that at times refers to cayenne, but can also include other red chilies.

Is cayenne pepper and ground red pepper the same?

Pure ground cayenne pepper will rate very high on the Scoville scale for heat level. Ground red pepper is a generic name that can have cayenne but will also include other red chilis as part of the mix. Our cayenne pepper is a mix of red peppers with the same heat and specs as true cayenne chiles.