Red Apples Nutrition Facts

Calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrate values for Red Apples.


There are 95 calories in Red Apples.


Nutrition Facts
Red Apples
Serving Size:


medium (3″ dia) (182 grams)

Amount Per Serving
Calories from Fat 2.8
Calories 95

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 0.3 grams

Saturated Fat 0.1 grams

Trans Fat 0 grams
Polyunsaturated Fat 0.1 grams
Monounsaturated Fat 0 grams

Cholesterol 0 milligrams

Sodium 1.8 milligrams

Potassium 195 milligrams

Total Carbohydrates 25 grams

Dietary Fiber 4.4 grams

Sugars 19 grams
Protein 0.5 grams

Vitamin A


Vitamin C





Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Food / Beverages > Produce > Apples (Fresh)

How long would it take to burn off 90 KCal?
Walking (3mph) 25 minutes
Running (6mph) 9 minutes
Bicycling (10mph) 13 minutes
Values estimated based on person weighing 140 lbs.

Where are red apples from?

Most of our Red Delicious apples wind up in Mexico, India, Indonesia, China, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates.

What are pure red apples called?

Red Delicious is a medium-sized apple, with a tall conical shape. The dark and intense crimson colour makes it the quintessential red apple, and it is has strong shelf appeal. A number of improved “sports” have been developed, of which the most well-known is probably Starking.

Is red apple sweet?

Red Delicious apples have a very mild and sweet flavor. Most people find them bland in comparison to varieties such as Gala, Golden Delicious, or Fuji. Even so, the bright red color and historical significance of the Red Delicious apple makes it an iconic variety.

What are red apples good for?

They’re rich in fiber and antioxidants. Eating them is linked to a lower risk of many chronic conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Apples may also promote weight loss and improve gut and brain health.

Why are apples called Red Delicious?

History. The ‘Red Delicious’ originated at an orchard in 1872 as “a round, blushed yellow fruit of surpassing sweetness“. Stark Nurseries held a competition in 1892 to find an apple to replace the ‘Black Ben Davis’ apple.

Which apple is healthiest?

Based on its overall nutritional profile, Granny Smith is the healthiest apple variety you can choose. It offers low sugar, high fiber, high mineral levels, and was shown to improve the gut bacteria associated with reducing obesity.

What kinds of red apples are there?

Here are some of the most commonly grown red apples to choose from:

  • Arkansas Black is such a deep red it’s almost black. …
  • Braeburn is a dark red apple with a bold, sweet, and spicy flavor. …
  • Fuji apples hail from Japan and are named after its famous mountain. …
  • Gala apples are sweet smelling with a crisp texture.