Philadelphia Cream Cheese Nutrition Facts

Calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrate values for Philadelphia Cream Cheese.


There are 102 calories in Philadelphia Cream Cheese.


Nutrition Facts
Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Serving Size:


tbsp (29 grams)

Amount Per Serving
Calories from Fat 90
Calories 102

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 10 grams

Saturated Fat 5.9 grams

Polyunsaturated Fat 0.4 grams
Monounsaturated Fat 2.6 grams

Cholesterol 29 milligrams

Sodium 91 milligrams

Potassium 38 milligrams

Total Carbohydrates 1.6 grams

Dietary Fiber 0 grams

Sugars 1.1 grams
Protein 1.8 grams

Vitamin A


Vitamin C





Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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How long would it take to burn off 100 KCal?
Walking (3mph) 27 minutes
Running (6mph) 10 minutes
Bicycling (10mph) 14 minutes
Values estimated based on person weighing 140 lbs.

What is Philadelphia cream cheese made of?

The main ingredients in the original ‘Philly’ Cream Cheese are pasteurized nonfat cow’s milk, cream (fat from cow’s milk), lactic acid, stabilizing gum (xanthan and/or guar and/or carob), and salt.

Is Philadelphia same as cream cheese?

Philadelphia is the best-known cream cheese brand as it is marketed very widely across the world and usually states “cream cheese” on its packaging, though some of the packaging is now plastic resealable containers that have “cream cheese spread” marked on them.

Is Philadelphia Cream Cheese real cream cheese?

Philadelphia Cream Cheese is a brand of cream cheese. It is one of the best selling brands of cream cheese worldwide, first produced in 1872 and is currently owned by Kraft Heinz.
Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

Product type Cream cheese
Owner Kraft Foods
Country United States
Introduced 1872

What type of cream cheese is Philadelphia?

PHILADELPHIA Soft Cream Cheese has a mild cream cheese flavor and a creamy, soft texture for added spreadability. Additionally, there are no artifical flavors in this 3 lb. tub of cream cheese.

Why is it called Philadelphia cream cheese?

Philadelphia Cream Cheese was invented in New York in 1872, according to the Kraft Heinz Co., and got its name in 1880 as part of a marketing strategy to associate the product with the high-quality food and dairy farming for which the Philadelphia area was known at the time.

What can you substitute for cream cheese?

11 Fantastic Substitutes for Cream Cheese

  • Cottage cheese. Cottage cheese and cream cheese have several similarities, but cottage cheese is slightly lower in fat and has a chunkier texture ( 1 , 2 ). …
  • Greek yogurt. …
  • Ricotta. …
  • Mascarpone. …
  • Hummus. …
  • Kefir with chia seeds. …
  • Neufch√Ętel. …
  • Silken tofu.

Is Philadelphia cream cheese the same as cream cheese spread?

The use of Cream cheese and cream cheeses spread has always increased because of its adaptability in different recipes and because of its versatility. Cream cheese and cream cheeses spread are the same. It is hard to make a distinction between the two as these are of the same genre and used almost in the same manner.

Why is it called Philadelphia?

“Philadelphia” is a combination of two Greek words: love (phileo) and brother (adelphos). The city was named by its founder, William Penn, who envisioned a city of religious tolerance where no one would be persecuted.