Costa Vida Cilantro Lime Rice for Burrito Nutrition Facts

Nutrition facts and Weight Watchers points for Cilantro Lime Rice for Burrito from Costa Vida.


There are 142 calories in Cilantro Lime Rice for Burrito.


Nutrition Facts

Serving Size ?
Calories 142
Calories From Fat 14
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
Total Fat 1.5g 2%
Saturated Fat 0.8g 4%
Trans Fat 0g  
Cholesterol 3mg 1%
Sodium 476mg 20%
Total Carbohydrates 28g 9%
Dietary Fiber 1g 4%
Sugars 1g  
Protein 3g 6%
Vitamin A   ?
Vitamin C   ?
Calcium   ?
Iron   ?

*All percent daily value figures are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Nutritional information source: Costa Vida


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Additional Information

If you’re a fan of Mexican cuisine and love the flavors of cilantro and lime, Costa Vida’s Cilantro Lime Rice for Burrito is a must-try. This delicious rice dish is the perfect complement to any burrito, adding a burst of freshness and spice to every bite. Let’s explore the features, pros, and cons of this delicious culinary creation.


  1. Flavorful blend: Costa Vida’s Cilantro Lime Rice is made with a thoughtful blend of ingredients that create a harmonious flavor profile. The rice is infused with the vibrant flavor of coriander, which adds a refreshing herbal note. The tangy hint of lime adds a zesty brightness that enhances the overall appeal of the dish.
  2. Quality ingredients: Costa Vida prides itself on using high-quality ingredients to ensure a satisfying dining experience. The rice is cooked to perfection, resulting in a fluffy texture that pairs well with the other components of their burritos.
  3. Customizable: One of the great things about Costa Vida’s Cilantro Lime Rice is its versatility. You can customize your burrito by adding your choice of protein, vegetables and toppings. The Cilantro Lime Rice serves as a versatile base that complements a variety of flavors and ingredients.


  1. Refreshing and Vibrant: The combination of cilantro and lime gives the rice a refreshing and vibrant flavor. It adds a pop of flavor to your burrito, making every bite a delightful experience.
  2. Enhanced flavor profile: Cilantro Lime Rice complements the other ingredients in your burrito, enhancing the overall flavor profile. It brings a balanced heat and freshness that enhances the flavor of the entire dish.
  3. Light and healthy option: For those looking for a lighter option, Cilantro Lime Rice for Burrito is a great choice. It is lower in calories compared to some other rice options, making it a healthier alternative without compromising on taste.


While Costa Vida’s Cilantro Lime Rice for Burrito offers numerous benefits, it’s important to consider a few drawbacks:

  1. Cilantro and lime flavor intensity: The strong flavors of cilantro and lime may not appeal to everyone’s taste buds. If you’re not a fan of these flavors, you may find the taste overpowering.
  2. Availability: Costa Vida is a specific restaurant chain, and their Cilantro Lime Rice for Burrito may not be readily available to everyone. It may be limited to certain regions or locations, which can be a disadvantage for those who don’t have a Costa Vida restaurant nearby.


Costa Vida’s Cilantro Lime Rice for Burrito is a flavorful and refreshing addition to any Mexican food lover’s palate. Its blend of cilantro and lime gives the rice a tangy and herbaceous flavor that enhances the overall flavor profile of your burrito. While its availability and strong flavor may not be for everyone, it’s a delicious and customizable option for those looking for a lighter and healthier alternative. So if you have the opportunity to try it, don’t miss out on this tantalizing rice dish that will take your burrito experience to the next level.

Questions and Answers

Can I order Costa Vida’s Cilantro Lime Rice for Burrito without cilantro?

Unfortunately, as the name implies, cilantro is a key ingredient in Costa Vida’s Cilantro Lime Rice. If you have an aversion to cilantro, you may want to explore other rice options or discuss customization options with the restaurant staff.

Is Costa Vida’s Cilantro Lime Rice gluten free?

While the specific ingredients for Costa Vida’s Cilantro Lime Rice are not listed on the page, rice itself is naturally gluten-free. However, cross-contamination can occur in restaurant kitchens, so if you have a severe gluten intolerance or celiac disease, it’s a good idea to ask the restaurant about their preparation methods and potential cross-contact risks.

Does Costa Vida’s Cilantro Lime Rice contain any animal products?

Based on the information available, Costa Vida’s Cilantro Lime Rice does not appear to contain any animal products. It is probably suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets. However, it’s always a good idea to double-check with the restaurant or check their official allergen and ingredient information for confirmation.

Can I order Costa Vida’s Cilantro Lime Rice as a side dish?

Costa Vida’s Cilantro Lime Rice is primarily intended as an ingredient in their burritos. However, some Costa Vida locations may offer the rice as a separate side dish. It’s best to check with your local restaurant to see if they offer it as a separate menu item.

Are there any alternatives to Costa Vida’s Cilantro Lime Rice for Burrito?

If you don’t have access to Costa Vida’s Cilantro Lime Rice or prefer a different flavor, there are several other rice options available at Mexican restaurants. Some popular alternatives include traditional Mexican rice (arroz rojo), Spanish rice, or plain white or brown rice. These options can still complement your burrito and provide a satisfying base for your meal.